Turning your closet into cash!

Continue the recycle chain... Here at Consigned Designs we strongly believe that giving your pre-owned authentic luxury designer items a second chance at love serves a magnitude of positive, lucrative and beneficial purposes. From simplifying your life, decluttering your closet, sharing your style and making what can potentially turn out to be a large sum of cash, you allow yourself to open the door to continuous high-end looks for affordable prices. The world of consignment and resale has become increasingly chic and highly accepted all over the globe. It is our duty to introduce our customers to this ever-growing lifestyle by making it accessible to those who crave luxury fashion but not the expensive price tags that normally come along with it. 

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  • Kim

    It’s true! Buying pre owned luxury has become increasingly chic! The fact that I can buy a beautiful Chanel classic flap bag for over half of the retail price and get it in pristine condition with free shipping is unbeatable in my book!

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