Hermes Narrow Printed Enamel Dreamcatchers Bracelet 70

$450.00 $325.00

Hermes Printed Enamel Dreamcatchers Narrow Bracelet 70 featuring a multi color Native American Tribal feather graphic with an exterior gold plated rim.
Condition: Excellent. The enamel looks like new. The gold hardware has small surface scratches throughout.
- Enamel.
- Gold metal hardware.
Measurements, 0.38'' wide, 2.75'' diameter, 7.5'' circumference.
- Hermes L' stamp (2008).

Condition Rating Guide

Pristine Item shows no visible wear.
Excellent Item does show some signs of prior use with very minor imperfections. Color and material still holds its true color. Hardly any surface scratches or marks. Absolutely no soiling. Hardly any notable flaws. A step under being brand-new.
Very Good Item has obviously been used with signs of wear and possible discoloration. Item has developed some surface scratches and other indications of wear may be visible such as minor abrasions or soiling.
Good Item has been well-loved and displays numerous visible signs of wear and imperfections. Scratches, markings, discoloration, fading are all apparent on this product.